Marigold Flower Info

Indigenous to Americas, Marigolds are one of the most popular bedding plants for landscapes and home gardens. Known for its cheerful and bright orange, yellow and red shades, these flowers create a creative mosaic of colors in the garden. Although many people do not like its smell, it has a distinctive kind of powerful scent that has its own secret charm.  Besides being an attractive flower, Marigold is used for various applications.  Its charm, uses and frequent blooming makes this flower one of the most appreciated plant all over the world.


The first mention of Marigolds is known in the Aztec culture of central Americas and Aztec word, cempoalxochitl, was used for Marigolds. Furthermore, an herb manuscript mentioned its first account, which was discovered by the National Garden Bureau. Later in 16th century, Spanish explorers took its seeds to Spain and Northern Africa.  Then, it was known as Flos Africanus.  After about hundred years, it came to North America to be called “Marigolds”.

Know About Marigold

Marigolds belong to the daisy family. They are plant genus Tagetes that are among 51 perennial plants in this family. There are several different types of Marigold plants having green pinnate leaves and with different colored flower petals.  They are found in white, orange, red and yellow colors with petals arranged in a ray or disc floret shape.  Though these flowers have good fragrance, many find it pungent and musky. You know, its pungent smell is due to the scent present in flowers, which repel harmful insects. These annual plants are classified as herbs, which are very precious.

Important Features Of Marigold

Marigolds are sown directly in April and May at sunny locations to provide them most favorable conditions to let them grow fast. Instead of seeds, you can buy small plants from garden centers   and plant them in normal garden soil. However, make sure that the soil is mixed with compost and is well drained.  Moreover, these plants do not require regular maintenance once planted in favorable conditions.

How You Can Identify Marigolds

One of the most familiar varieties of marigolds is the French marigold or Tagetes patula, L. its dwarf and compact variety has great variation in colors among its different species.  Some varieties can be seen in bi-colors such as mahogany, red, orange and gold. If you find mahogany red marigolds somewhere, identify them as a French variety.  In addition, the edge of their petals is in contrasting colors. Since this French variety can be grown easily and quickly in any kind of soil, they are the most popular type of flower.

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