Marigold Flower Info

Each flower carries its own language and its own meaning. Similarly, Marigold communicates with its own language and carries a significant meaning for those who are flattered by its charm and use it different purposes. In fact, Marigolds beautifully reflect meaning of their name and they never disappoint. They can be seen in every season except in the hard cold months. They outlast all other annuals benefiting its resilience. You can enjoy your marigolds even in the hottest driest weather. Though it is humble flower, it can fill up the dry landscape with charm of its bright colors like orange, red and yellow.
Marigold Symbolism
Belonging to Calendula family, Marigold has several names given to it such as the herb of the Sun, the French marigold, and the pot Marigold. The word “Mary Gold” was formed by including “Mary” meaning the Mother Ray and the word “gold”. This flower symbolizes creativity and passion. Even Shakespeare has mentioned this humble yet beautiful flower in his play called “A Winter’s Tale”.
Some Mysticism And Superstitions Around Marigold
Ancient Welsh looked at marigolds to predict weather. If they saw closed Marigold flowers that meant bad weather was on the way. Blossomed marigolds are believed to encourage happier, cheerful environments and conversations. In addition, if a couple is not at good terms with each other, keep a potted marigold indoors; it will help restore peace in the household. In ancient times, witches and healing arts experts used to wear marigolds to keep away bad vibes and stop people from speaking ill of them.
The Marigold And Astrology
In astrology, Marigold is associated with the lion and astrological sign Leo. Early Christians used to offer Marigold blossoms at the feet of Mother Mary instead of money. In a few countries like India, marigold is a regarded as an auspicious flower and is offered to the Gods to appease them. They also decorate their place of worship with these cheery flowers.
Traditions And Legends Associated With Marigold
A legend goes like Mother Mary used these flowers as coins. Once when she was on flight to Egypt with Joseph and the infant Jesus, some thieves snatched her purse and when they opened it, marigolds fell out. Marigolds are an important part of weddings since ancient times as people used to make garlands from these flowers and use as love charms.
Another Important Significance
Although marigolds are associated with the sun’s energy and signify positivism, they are linked with some darker qualities also. During sad times, they also symbolize jealousy and cruelty also and represent feelings of unrest in hard times.

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